Fire Service In FUKUOKA CITY
Fire Service In FUKUOKA CITY
FUKUOKA CITY Brief History Of The Fukuoka Fire Prevention Bureau

Jurisdiction & Arrangement Of The Fukuoka City Fire Service Bureau

Volunteer Fire Corps / Uniforms

Mobility For Fire Prevention / Fire Prevention In The Air And The Sea

Fire Engines Used By The Fire Department

Fighting Fires

Fire Alert / Investigation Of Fires

Emergency Operations / Rescue Operations

Disaster Prevention

Citizens' Voluntary Fire Prevention Activities
Volunteer Disaster Prevention Organizations By Citizens

Fire Department Musical Band / Fire Fighting Academy

The Emblem And Its Meaning

Fire Stations & Fire Branches

As Fukuoka becomes a prosperous city in western Japan,the architectural make up of the city is also becoming complicated by high-rise buildings and multi-purpose underground malls and subways,thus increasing the potential for various kinds of disasters.The Fukuoka Fire Prevention Bureau, however,is taking up this challenge and exerting themselves around the clock to protect the lives and property of the citizens of Fukuoka.
Fire fighters extinguishing a fire
Fire fighters extinguishing a fire
The command and control center receives all the "119" fire and
ambulance calls and issues instructions to the fire fighting and
rescue squads according to the nature of the incident.
A fire fighting helicopter fighting a forest fire   A fire fighting helicopter fighting a forest fire
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