Fire Service In FUKUOKA CITY
Fire Service In FUKUOKA CITY
FUKUOKA CITY Brief History Of The Fukuoka Fire Prevention Bureau

Jurisdiction & Arrangement Of The Fukuoka City Fire Service Bureau

Volunteer Fire Corps / Uniforms

Mobility For Fire Prevention / Fire Prevention In The Air And The Sea

Fire Engines Used By The Fire Department

Fighting Fires

Fire Alert / Investigation Of Fires

Emergency Operations / Rescue Operations

Disaster Prevention

Citizens' Voluntary Fire Prevention Activities
Volunteer Disaster Prevention Organizations By Citizens

Fire Department Musical Band / Fire Fighting Academy

The Emblem And Its Meaning

Fire Stations & Fire Branches

Fukuoka City, lies along Hakata Bay and is located in the center of the Fukuoka Plain. Hakata Bay runs out past Uminonakamichi and Shikanoshima Island on one hand and the Itoshima peninsula on the other on its way to the Genkai Sea in the North.Fukuoka became a municipal government in 1889 and became a government designated city in 1969. At present, Fukuoka City has 7 administrative wards and a population of 1,34 million. It is continuously developing as an international city. Blessed with natural beauty and gracious hospitality and culture, Fukuoka City plays a leading role in the politics, economy, and culture of western Japan.

Fire fighting in Fukuoka City recorded its first giant step with the formation of two public fire fighting brigades in1873:Fire Fighting Brigade No.1 for the Fukuoka area had 33 fire fighters,while Fire Fighting Brigade No.2 for the Hakata area had 122.

After several changes occurred in the organizations, the "Fire Fighting Organization Law" was enacted in March, 1948, establishing the Fukuoka City Fire Fighting Headquarters and the Fukuoka Fire Station,which took over the personnel and facilities of the existing Public Fire Fighting Brigade which belonged to the Police Department. Fukuoka City currently has a fire station in each of the seven administrative wards,providing a solid fire prevention system.


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